Saturday, 16 May 2009

Sorcery #2 - Khare, Cityport of Traps, part two

Halfway through Khare, coming off the bridge I turned right. Soon came across a square containing a large monument of sorts, around which weirdos were hanging. 

Nah, I wasn't going to get a line of the incantation from them, so decided to skirt around the edges, but to no avail. The 'Red-Eyes' said they didn't like intruders, of which I wasn't, but no dice rolls or choices were given, and I was soon thrown into a cell with an Elvin. Crap.

Must have been a good jail too, cause I had to call on Libra to get me out. She unlocked the door, which was far less dramatic than how the Riddling Reaver would have done it. 

So, wandering out of the jail, cause you know, there's only one guard and in true FF style he's asleep. They must have a kick-ass union or something.

Anyway, I came across a market, which was great cause I was loaded with gold coins. Bought an awesome sword, tinderbox, snake antidote, bow and arrow and some food. It struck me as one of those markets whose merchandise seems strangely apt for the mission I'm about to head on. 

Passing on a graveyard, deciding getting to the gates in one piece was imperative (low on stamina, and I could always double back for more incantation lines, no?), I came across a wishing well scam. I know it was a scam cause after hiffing in three or four gold pieces, with ever-escalating promises of awesomeness, they got lamer, which is when I realised the page numbers were on a loop. Grrr.

Luckily I still had a piece left to gift a beggar, and another to cast WOK and make a magic shield to keep his nemesis harpies away. Turns out he used to be a noble, and had another line! Well, all except a name, which he said I could get from the Shrine of Courga (there was no option to ask if Courga was the name... seemed obvious). 

So onto the shrine, there was this giant statue, and it would only speak if I kissed its face in a cross. So I did, finishing on the lips as the picture said, and for my troubles recieved a poisoned dart in the back of the throat. Gees, I was only kissing it, not slipping it the tongue!

Not sure I need to say this, but yeah, I was dead.


Scott/ Tacobake said...

Dude, don't give up! I think you deserve a little more love from Libra, don't you?

Ed said...

The kissing needs to be done in exactly the right order. There are a few hints available elsewhere in the book.

Good to see you reviewing again.

Anonymous said...

Start the kiss with the left eye and then forehead r eye lips.

Ed said...

Anonymous, not everybody appreciates spoilers. Dan might have preferred to work it out himself. Or he might not care, but unless you know, it's polite to ask before giving the game away.

Anonygoose said...

I was planning to dust down my own collection during some time off and enjoyed reading about your exploits (particularly those relating to the oft overlooked world of fruit fatalities). Thanks for posting.

Dom Sutton said...

try unclipping her bra strap as you kiss her

The Deadly One said...

Sorry, I didn't know where to put this since it relates to the books you are missing, so I just put it on the most recent entry. There are two new Wizard Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks out. They are rereleasing the Gamebooks (again), and with new adventures. The first three are the same number as the previous Wizard releases (#1, #2, #6 in the original Puffin releases), but the fourth and fifth are new adventures. #4 is called Stormslayer, and #5 is called Night of the Necromancer.