Friday, 5 December 2008

Weekend off...

EDIT: Looks like I can't be arsed going to the Xmas party, so will be posting as usual. Woo.

It's my work Christmas party this weekend - yes, I do have a day job, Fighting Dantasy doesn't pay all... or any of my bills, unfortunately - so I probably won't be posting.

In other news, I've managed to place bids on online auctions for a few of the books I'm missing, including the entire Sorcery! series, so fingers crossed for those.

I recently joined a couple of Fighting Fantasy groups on Facebook, and posted the blog address. Some guy on one had the gall to suggest, "So if we are a community now and everything, I just thought I would bring it up. is a retarded name for a website. No offense."

I replied, as politely as at the same time as snarky as I could, "Well, it's a pun, isn't it? The books are called Fighting Fantasy, and my name is Dan. Hence, Fighting Dantasy. If that's a little too silly for you, perhaps you shouldn't be reading books which picture mustache-wearing men skiing the backs of sabre-toothed tigers on water."

Booyah. Drink up, I'll catch you later on next week. Unless I chicken out of the work party and stay home rolling dice and drinking at home as I usually do.


Anonymous said...


I saw that guy's message on the Facebook group too and thought "Most odd behaviour..." (I'm being polite). I just wanted to say that I'm glad you posted the link to your blog as I'm enjoying looking through it - it makes a great read!

James (Not that one!)

Unknown said...

Cheers! Looks like I'm not having a weekend off too, as I've decided to skip the work party.

Anonymous said...

hey! That's what I get for letting everybody get to know each other. I enjoyed your blog and I am going to do my own incredibly more anal review/ read through of the books on my own site. There are billions of people on this planet, and here we are today. Good times.

Unknown said...

You'll have to give us a link here Scottie when you do :)

TheWycliffe said...

I love how "no offense" has become an excuse for lack of tact. :/

I like your blog name and I got the pun immediately. Keep on keepin' on...I need my weekly FF fix.

Also - I would be interested in the link for Scottie's anal review site once ready. : )

Palocles said...

Taken out of context, this quote:

"Also - I would be interested in the link for Scottie's anal review site once ready. : )"

Has terrible implications.

I might have to join that FB group to get a bit of traffic on my blog for feedback on ideas.

Also just read the BVP review. Very intrigueing sounding premise but maybe poorly executed? It could work very well though, if done properly.