Saturday, 23 February 2008

Lets begin this again.

Hi! Where to start... Well, my name is Dan, and not so long ago I acquired a massive box of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. They originally came out in the 1980s and '90s, and I used to read them as a kid. The box didn't have every single one, but most of them, so I'm going to play them in order, and write about them here. It's that simple, really!

If this sounds familiar, it's because I began the previous incarnation of this blog (nine months ago) with almost identical words. After a couple of entries, uni began taking up more and more of my time, so I let it be. This time though I intend to make it through as many as possible, time permitting! Apologies if the first couple of entries read familiar, as a result. Let me know if I'm getting tardy and I'll do my best to catch up.

If you like what you read here, please note the box wasn't comprehensive, and I'm missing a few books - if you know where I can get them (keeping in mind I'm not in North America, nor Europe, and not wealthy), definitely let me know. Even a borrow-kind-of-deal would be awesome.

Here's the list of the books I need, and their (I believe original) catalogue numbers.

23: Masks of Mayhem
29: Midnight Rogue
46: Tower of Desruction
48: Moonrunner
53: Spellbreaker
54: Legend of Zagor
55: Deathmoor
56: Knights of Doom
57: Magehunter
58: Revenge of the Vampire
59: Curse of the Mummy

It's a bit annoying, considering Midnight Rogue and Tower Of Destruction were two of my faves from 'back in the day'.

Well, enjoy! Feel free to comment or click on an ad or two (if they ever become relevant).


Anonymous said...

Just found your reviews. It's a neat idea and takes me back to my childhood too. I think I might have "Knights of Doom" rattling around my parents place. I'll take a look next time i'm in the Tron and send it on up.

Anonymous said...

Three of the titles you're missing (Spellbreaker, Legend of Zagor and Curse of the Mummy have been reprinted by Wizard Books in recent years, two of them with minor revisions by the author to make them slightly less impossible to beat. Unless you're determined to complete the set in the Puffin originals (which would cost a lot, as the later ones regularly go for double-figure sums on eBay), the reprints would at least plug a few gaps in the set.

monkeybutlersforall said...

Wow! Life really is full of strange coincidences! Having just liberated a box full of my old Fighting Fantasy books from storage at my folks' house I decided to revisit some very fond childhood memories and re-read them (and maybe plug the gaps in my collection while I'm at it). Before beginning I thought I'd do a little online research to find out if anyone out there even remembered these little gems and I came across your reviews. Kudos to you my friend! Reading them brought back so many good memories that I'm now resolved to start my mission next week (2 weeks off work!). Good luck with the rest of them. I look forward to reading the rest of your reviews.

Palocles said...

I've just started writing what was supposed to be Deathtrap Dungeon as a computer game using BASIC and found your blog while Googling for info.

Very prolific.

The strange coincidence that you, Murray of Turnto400 and myself all seem to be from Nu Zild even inspired me to blog my own efforts.

I shall be following you to steal ideas for improving the gamebook format. Hope you don't mind.

You might also be interested in having some direct input to my 'work'.